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Fun Fact:  This woman LOVES LOVES LOVES College Football

Vicki was born and raised in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia!! She is so proud to call this beautiful state her home!! She is the proud mother of two and believe it or not, she has SEVEN grandchildren whom she adores!

Vicki is driven, organized and a true professional. She has a masters in Educational Leadership, was a Special Education teacher for 11 years and is the Principal of an Elementary/Middle School in Marion County. Professionalism should be her middle name. 

Anyone that personally knows this wonderful woman or knows her through Facebook knows that she may be the worlds biggest animal lover. Her devotion to being a dog mom, her shares on Facebook and catching her on the floor anytime a dog is near more than proves this. 

When asked what it is about Real Estate that she loves so much, without hesitation she said “The joy it brings when a family makes a house their home fills my heart with pure joy. It doesn’t get much better than making people happy.”

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