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Our History

A man named Skipper


Springston Real Estate is the oldest real estate company in West Virginia. In the later part of the 1940s, A.L. "Skipper" Springston began his own real estate company, known as Springston Real Estate. In the late 1950s, Skipper purchased a house at the corner of Walnut Avenue and 3rd Street in Fairmont and move his real estate office into it. During this period, Ben Springston began selling real estate with his father. 

A.L. Springston Newspaper

In 1980, Bill Yoho was hired as an agent. At that time, Ben was already am an associate broker and managing the company. 


In February 1986, Skipper retired, and Ben, Bill, and another agent, Terry Brake, became equal one-third owners of Springston & Company, Inc. Ben became the "broker of the record" and by this time both Bill and Terry were associate brokers.


In 2010 Bill and Terry co-owned Springston Real Estate. 

In 2016, Kara Thomas and Shannon Onderko became agents at Springston Real Estate, and in 2018, they became co-owners along with Bill and Terry. 


As you can see, our company has quite a bit of history. The knowledge and experience of Springston Real Estate are endless. Our company has been built on providing top quality service for our clients and customers. Our reputation is good and our business depends on it. Be honest and have the client's and customers' best interest at heart. 


In 2021, Kara & Shannon became sole owners of Springston Real Estate. 

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