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Seller Resources

Helping you with your sale every step of the way


At Springston Real Estate we realize that one of the most complex and significant

financial events in a persons life can be the sale or purchase of a home, investment

property, a business, raw land, or a farm. We have years of experience to guide you

through the process taking the stress and anxiety out it. Here is how it works using

the sale of a single family home as an example.


We have a “market oriented pricing strategy”. It has been proven that when a home is offered for sale within 3 to 5% of its ultimate sales price, it will sell faster, to a more qualified buyer, for more money, and with less inconvenience to the seller. There is an old saying in real estate, “there is no poor real estate, just poor pricing of real estate”. Meaning that more often than not, the reason a property does not sell is because it was “over priced”. Over the years we have found that to be so true.

We provide the seller with a “competitive market analysis”, or CMA as real estate professionals refer to it. The CMA analyzes and compares your home to similar homes that have sold, homes that are currently offered for sale, and homes that were on the market but did not sell, to establish a suggested price range for your home. This takes the guess work and emotion out of the process and helps the seller see their property as a product, competing against similar properties.


Once an asking price has been established our agent may suggest certain improvements be made to your property to improve its appeal. It is not only important that your home be priced competitively, but that it is also appealing to prospective buyers. After all, buyers will be looking at many homes, and we want yours to stand out and shine. The agent may suggest such things as cleaning, painting, shampooing the carpet, replacing burned out light bulbs, removing excess items from cluttered closets, or repairing a leaking faucet. After all, “you only have one chance to a make a good first impression”.


Our agent will explain and take care of all of the paperwork needed to place your home on the market, which would include all or some of the following; the listing agreement, the state mandated notice of agency relationship form, the federally mandated lead based paint disclosure form (for all homes and apartments built before 1978), the sellers property condition disclosure statement, and any other necessary paperwork.


You may elect to offer a “home warranty” for the buyer who buys your home. Did you know that statistics show that buyers would rather purchase a home that is warranted verses a similar home without a home warranty? Did you know that warranted homes sell faster and for more money than non-warranted homes? Our agent will explain how the home warranty works, what it covers, what it costs, and how you can obtain coverage for yourself during the listing period “at no cost to you”. Did we mention you do not pay for the warranty unless we sell your home? Our agent will explain how that works.


Our agent will suggest that your home be placed in the “multiple listing service”, a computerized service that most real estate agents belong, so that all real estate agents in your market area know that your home is for sale, at what price, and what amenities it has to offer, so that your property will get “maximum exposure”. This is important because another agent, from any company, may bring the eventual buyer to your property. This is offered at no additional cost to you.


Our agent will inspect your home and neighborhood and compile a “buyer profile”. A buyer profile is what type of person would be most likely to purchase your home. The buyer profile may include a first time home buyer, empty nesters, retirees, a family moving up, executive type, relocation, etc… The advertising for your home may be geared toward these types of individuals or families when placed in our homes and land magazine, the newspaper, and various internet web sites.


Our agent will keep you updated and provide feedback to you after prospective purchasers have looked at your property. After all, it is important to know what buyers think of your property, so that “adjustments” can be made to make your home more marketable. Example; if buyers keep saying that they dislike the color of a certain room, you may want to paint the room another color.


Once the offers start coming in our agent will carefully explain the terms of the offer (price, contingencies, concessions, inspections, closing cost and net proceeds, closing date, etc…) and will explain what options are available to you (acceptance, counter offer, rejection, etc…). After an agreement has been reached with the buyer our agent will monitor the process all the way to closing which includes working with attorneys, lenders, home inspectors, the health department, surveyors, contractors, etc…. until the transaction is closed. And did we mention it is not necessary that you attend the closing. You may if you wish, but we will represent you at the closing should you elect not to attend (after all you may have moved away to another state or may not want to take off from work). We will explain how that works.


Hopefully, if you are happy with our work you will recommend us to your friends and family for their real estate needs. After all, referrals are a large part of our business and we have been in business for a very long time.

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