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Fun Fact: She loves mindless TV like Jersey Shore and Teen Mom

Shannon was born and raised in Meadville, Pennsylvania, alongside her older sister but relocated to Fairmont at 19 to play basketball at Fairmont State University. She fell in love with WV and planted her roots here 14 years ago. Shannon loves the life she has made here for herself and her Lab, Jack. 


After graduating from FSU, she taught Physical Education at both the Elementary School level and Junior High. After ten years of working for the Board of Education, she decided to “retire” and make Real Estate her full-time career. This decision came after being an agent for two years and buying into the company within a year. Shortly after that, she obtained her WV Brokers license and became the active broker at Springston Real Estate. 


Shannon is incredibly driven, goal-oriented, and could not possibly pay any more attention to detail than she already does. She is kind and always has a smile on her face, making everyone feel at ease. Buying or selling a home can be a stressful time in life. Her goal is to help alleviate as much stress from the buyer/seller as possible and turn it into a fun, smooth, and happy time. She succeeds at everything she puts her mind to, including that goal.  

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