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Fun Fact: She complains about doing laundry but secretly loves it (OCD)

Julie is from Harrison County and has resided in Fairmont since 2012, where she has chosen to raise her two sons. Her oldest is 22, and the youngest is 14, so you can say that Fairmont is her "home."


Julie has worked for the Government since she was 20 years old and continues to add to her years of service. She is not afraid of hard work and has a great work ethic.


She is such a ray of sunshine, and her energy is contagious. Julie believes in moving forward, never moving backward at all costs. She has learned the valuable lessons of "worry less and live more." She's compassionate yet not afraid to speak the truth. Being a boy mom has allowed her to master that trait. She loves watching her boys thrive in life and watch them grow in what they are genuinely passionate about. With Nicholas, it is through his music, whether playing in his back yard or on stage in Nashville and with Brody, it is on the ball field. Talent oozes from this family's pores. Being a mom is her most wondrous gift!


She also enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and watching him coach football at one of the local High Schools. When she decided to add to her resume, she knew that Real Estate was it. She has always wanted to help people find happiness in a new home and assist in achieving new beginnings for themselves.

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