Fun Fact:  His wife considers him a smart guy, mainly because “he never loses more than $500 during a night of poker.”

Justin is originally from Grafton, WV; however, he and his wife moved to southern Maryland for 12 years before returning home in 2012. Justin has two children, the oldest one being 25 and the youngest age 9.


Before making a career in Real Estate, Justin had worked for various organizations within the Department of Defense. He supported the NAVY and the Missile Defense Agency as a Cost Analyst. His positions with the DOD allowed him to work with all military branches on leading-edge avionics systems. He also had the opportunity to support the ARMY in Baghdad, Iraq, as a Cost and Contracts Analyst for Naval Systems Inc. His time in Iraq solidified his "love for our country and the men and women who serve it."


Justin's serious side allowed him to perform in his career within the DOD efficiently; however, there is another side to him. He is the guy that loves being the goofy dad that embarrasses his kids with EVERY opportunity given to him. The dynamic between both of those personality traits makes him great with details and people. Both of those things are required to succeed in Real Estate.


Becoming a realtor is so much more to Justin than organizing the sale and purchase of a property. It is the facilitation of houses into homes, building into businesses, and dreams into realities. To him, "being a realtor is about the people who occupy the Real Estate."